ATC NuVinci Review - Seamless Shifting works perfectly well!

geschrieben von phil | 6 Jan, 2007

Since there seems to be a lot of Interest in my German Review of the NuVinci Hub, I have made the effort and translated it  to English.  I hope it's  understandable..

Great! I have finally received a sample of the ATC NuVinci Hub from the first Production. Now I can test the Hub on one of our Bikes!

We assembled the Hub on one of our Bikes, called wegwärts sport. This Bike is normally equipped with Shimano Nexus Inter8 Premium and BR-IM70 Rollerbrakes. (The ATC NuVinci Hub is compatible with Shimano Rollerbrakes and Disc Brakes)

The look of the Hub is not very exotic and won’t catch much attention. It is slightly larger then an ordinary internal gear hub. It blends in with the rest of the Bike perfectly well.

If you turn the shifter when the bike is still there is hardly any resistance. One starts wondering if there is really something happening “down there”. The shifter is pretty and has a neat Gear.. well.. Transmission-Display. If you are in small „Gears“ the orange Plastic line is pushed to the left and will look like the symbol of a big hill to climb. If you turn the other way, the Plastic line is stretched and the “hill” disappears. Someone has really given this some thought!

Der NuVinci Schalter

The area around us ( Central Switzerland, just before the alps ) is perfect for a test drive of the NuVinci. There is a nice Panorama of the Alps and some rolling hills to try the different transmission ratios of the Hub:

Unterwegs auf Probefahrt mit dem NuVinci Fahrrad


Once you ride the Bike it takes some getting used to having to turn the shifter much more then on a Shimano or Sram Hub. To shift the full range you have about 3 times more way ( don’t know if this is understandable in English.. ). However, once you ride the bike for a while it makes perfect sense, since it will allow you to adjust your ratio very accurate.

If you have load on the Hub the resistance on the shifter will become a little more. Not dramatically, but enough so that I think you will get used to taking a little load of the Pedals when shifting to have this ultra-smooth shifting experience. The Hub still shifts well under full load. There is no noise, a truly seamless shifting process! It still amazes me!

Die Transmission feels very direct. The efficiency of about 97% feels about accurate. Theoretically there is a slight decline in efficiency going away from the middle section. However, I can’t say that I could feel a difference.

On longer climbs the Hub is a great advantage. If the climb changes slightly you can adjust your ratio to exactly the right level, so that you can keep pedaling like before. The slightly bigger range compared to Shimano Nexus ( 307% and SRAM iMotion 340% ) comes in handy. However, the setup with a 38T Chainring on the testbike was a bit too big, i think that using a 33T Chainring would be better. Or we will change the Sprocket in the rear, so we can still use the Hebie Chainglider! It would also be a great option to use the Schlumpf Speed Drive and therefore get a Range of 577% with no gear restrictions at all! (350% * 1.65m )

I will try to get as many different riders on the Bikes as possible to get some more Feedback. Also we will try to get some Mileage on the Hub to see how it holds. I can say though, that I have no doubts about the Quality of the Hub. If Winter finally arrives in Switzerland we can also see how the Hub rides in extreme cold.

The way things are developing I am hoping to be able to present a NuVinci Bike in March that will be available in May. I am really looking forward to that!

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  1. Perfectly understandable translation and a very interesting report, thanks.

    geschrieben von Tim 06 Jan 2007, 10:49
  2. some forums have been linking here and there's some guessing going on about weight and price. So here's what I can add:

    Weight: 4.2 kg is correct, it's due to the steel balls inside the hub. Could be corrected in later Versions.

    Cost: About twice the Price of a Shimano Inter8 Premium. Since I am not aware of any retail prices I can't say much more. I'd expect to pay about 150 Euros more for a Bike with NuVinci i.e. Shimano Inter8. Should be well worth the exitement.. :-)

    geschrieben von phil 07 Jan 2007, 22:27
  3. Thanks for translating. Please keep us posted on any developments you come across.

    geschrieben von Perry 30 Jan 2007, 14:11
  4. 4.2kg sounds like an awful lot of weight! That's about twice the weight of a Rolhoff 14-speed hub.

    geschrieben von Simon Hartley 01 Feb 2007, 19:33
  5. Hi Phil,

    greets from Hungary! Useful post.
    4200 gr is obviously too much for a serious biker. But this is just 1.0 version I think...

    geschrieben von snail daddy 05 Feb 2007, 10:48
  6. @Perry
    4200 gramms is clearly unacceptable. There are complete bikes (e.g. Smolik-built racers) which weigh less than this hub.

    And no, you are wrong on Rohloff here. Firstly, the 340% are NO match for the 525% of Rohloff SpeedHub. Secondly, you'd need close to THREE Speedhubs to match the weight of just one small NuVinci.

    Take the gear range difference into account, and you can but shake your head at what drives the NuVinci-makers to the bike markets.

    I would not take it even if given away for free.

    However, there seems to be some good use for these gear hubs outside the sporting community; possibly in the transportation on four wheels where weight isn't nearly as essential. I wish the best to the manufacturers, and many more early adopter from all four winds.


    geschrieben von Yagotta B. Kidding 06 Feb 2007, 01:53
  7. Thank you for the English translation of your review, much appreciated. For transportational cyclists, the weight of 4.2kg will not matter. We don't need to impress our friends with featherweight bicycles, we just ride places and have fun :-)

    geschrieben von Ash 15 Feb 2007, 00:32
  8. Thanks for the review. YBK misses a point - road riders look at the 13% difference between gears on the Rohloff and say that is too much. 300% difference between tallest and shortest gears is perfect for (most) road riding.

    Of course a 4 kg hub does not appeal to the weight weenies on road bikes...

    geschrieben von RonP 16 Feb 2007, 19:16
  9. Thanks for the test!

    As stated earlier, this is 1.0. If Titanium or another lightweight material could be substituted for the steel balls the weight could be brought down significantly. An infinitely variable gear ratio and great simplicity are one thing this has over the Rohloff (a well-seasoned product that I still drool over).

    The real question is durability. If it proves durable, I could see giving it a try in my commuter/tourer.

    geschrieben von dolan 28 Mär 2007, 22:18
  10. hey! this technology is very interesting! :)

    geschrieben von eurodipity 28 Aug 2008, 03:42
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  12. Wow! This is a sweet cycle. Perfect for long rides. Thanks for the review on this one. geschrieben von Air Horn 29 Dez 2009, 18:05
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